Catch the FIRE! 

No F.I.R.E. meeting in May.  Watch for details to come about our Summer fun day in June.  We will be going to Sky Zone, having a picnic lunch and then go to the Apple Valley Aquatic Center.  Our current 6th Graders will be invited to this event.

The following young people are registered to attend the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston, TX at the end of June:  Adam Skov, Mike Huper, Ann Huper, Kaleb Bendickson, Kaetlin Bendickson, Macy Williams, and Levi Sorensen.  They would like to thank you for your support and prayers as they attend this significant event.  Please watch for more opportunities to walk beside them as they continue to raise funds and prepare.

THE ELCA GATHERING – What is it???
The mission of the ELCA youth gathering is faith formation in high school age youth. As the 2018 theme is discerned and is more about our host city, Houston, is learned, specific faith based outcomes will be developed.
The 2018 gathering will have five program areas which are our primary vessels for engaging  youth and adults in ministry and fulfilling our mission and desired outcomes.
Those program areas are:
-SYNOD DAY- a day of Bible study, worship and fellowship within the ELCA’s geographical groupings
-SERVICE LEARNING- a day of learning the stories of Houston, service projects and advocacy.
-INTERACTIVE LEARNING- a day of hands on experiences related to theology, service, justice seeking, prayer, the arts and fellowship.
-COMMUNITY LIFE-daily opportunities for worship, fellowship, music and recharging.
-MASS GATHERING-daily gatherings of the whole community featuring inspiring speakers, engaging Christian musicians and worship.
The youth gathering will be held June 27 through July 1, 2018. 

Sunday School News

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Note: Sunday School follows the 9:00a.m. Worship Service each Sunday and dismisses at 10:50 a.m.
Sunday School Happenings:
May 6 ~ Mother’s Day Service Preparation/ Movie/Craft & Christian Coin Store *Last regular Sunday School class for year!
*May 13 ~  9:00 a.m. ~Mother’s Day -*Kids Sing  
Following the service, (No Regular Sunday School Class) --Come down to Luther Hall with your family and make your own Ice Cream Sundae and sign up for Redeemer’s Summer Bible School ...*June 5-7 ~ Mark your calendars...VBS Polar Blast!

THANK YOU~ A big thank you to all the classroom leaders and volunteers who have helped with this year’s Sunday School! The time and effort you have put into the program is greatly appreciated!  God’s blessings to you all!
Classroom Organizers/Leaders
Preschool ~ Mackenzie Meyer & Nicky Weigel
Kindergarten ~ Stephanie Soost
Grades 1-2 ~ Amy Purdy
Grades 3-4 ~ Rachael Korman & Amy Newman
Grades 5-6 ~ Jenny Erickson & Terri Huper
Grades 7-8 Linda Wasmoen & Evon Johnson
Music ~ Tonya Hansen & Anna Sorensen
Cradle Roll & Christmas Program Organizer ~  Angie Geesman
Council Representative ~ Tanya Hemmingsen
Sunday School Leader ~ Kelly Skov 

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