Redeemer Lutheran Church

Marci Newman               10/23
Ashley Peterson             10/25
Loretta Wacholz             10/25
Amy Purdy                      10/26
Jane Schmidt                  10/26
Sue Allen                        10/27
Dan Erickson                  10/27
Kayla Roberts                 10/27
Elena Schewe                 10/27
Addison Mattson             10/28
Ben Purdy                       10/31

October Ushers

Neil Pierce

October Acolytes:
7:  Alexis VanEngelenburg & Liberty Overland
14: Sierra Babcock & Kylie Toledo
21: Tabor Conley & Maggie Evans
28:   9:00 am: Griffin Erkkila & Rylie Burris
      10:30 am: Kyle Honstad & Tyler Erickson

October Lectors
7: Alden 4-H
14: Candy Pierce
21: Bob Lindeman
28:  9:00 am:
     10:30 am: Confirmation Students

October Birthdays

Bobby Geesman            10/12
Carson Kluender            10/12
Al Knutson                      10/14
Carolina Steene             10/14
Caleb Mattson                10/18
Lori Guenther                 10/20
Ryan Hansen                  10/21
Char Peterson                 10/21
Steph Hallman                10/22
Andrew Petersen            10/22
Helen Steene                  10/22
Jason Christensen          10/23
Dorothy Johnson             10/23


                                                            “Come, you thankful  people, come; raise the song of harvest home.”


Dear Members and Friends,
               I love this time of year, watching the fields turn gold with harvest.  The trees will soon be brightening just before they shed their leaves.   It is a busy time for those of you who will bring in a harvest and see the results of a season of growth.   These days may include concerns for market, prices and weather.  The human factors involved with harvest can cloud the majesty and mystery of God’s creative power at work in front of our very eyes.
This is true in so many parts of our lives.   God sends us wonderful gifts, and our own frailties and weaknesses get in the way or compromise those gifts.   We worry that they are not enough or that we will lose them.  
One of the great gifts of faith is a thankful heart.  When we can find reason to give thanks in all things, even in the midst of challenge and adversity, our hearts will be open to God’s gracious work.   When we are thankful, we become generous.   When we are thankful, opportunities abound.   When we are thankful, we are generally more happy and content.
Our Harvest Dinner on October  21 will be a great opportunity to nurture those thankful hearts, to celebrate the heritage on faithfulness of this congregation, to bear witness to our neighbors and friends that thankfulness brings joy.   All these are precious gifts from God.   Thanks be to God.
Yours in the journey,

Pastor Schlauderaff 

Roger Pestorious            10/2
Jacque Sorensen            10/2
Kory Newman                 10/3
McKayla Wachlin            10/3
Debbie Hayes                 10/5
Terri Huper                     10/5
Phebe Coats                   10/6
Janelle Fischer               10/6
Kelsey Newman             10/6
Paige Diekmann             10/8
Rachel Guenther            10/8
Ron Miller                       10/9
Josephine Clark            10/12

October Altar Guild
Ginner Boettcher
Rose Lein