May Birthdays

Al Besser                             5/18
Mason Honstad                   5/19
Amy Wachlin                       5/19
Griffin Erkkila                       5/20
Heather Haukoos                5/20
Jerry Janzig                         5/20
Lenny Diekmann                  5/21
Dillan Lein                            5/21
Leah Kluender                     5/22
Rose Lein                            5/22
Eleanor Pedersen                5/22
Mike Bute                             5/24
Tyler Erickson                       5/24

Kevin Opseth                      5/24
Craig Williams                     5/24
Derek Fischer                      5/25
Renae Linn                          5/25
Stacy Williams                    5/25
Bill Wittmer                          5/25
Charlotte Banton                 5/26
Hanna Wach                        5/26
Sheila Burris                        5/29
Wade Steene                       5/29
Kane Purdy                         5/30
Sue Reindal                         5/31

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Angie Geesman                  5/1
Deb Pedersen                     5/1
Kaden Erkkila                     5/2
Mavis Jacobs                      5/3
Samantha Knutson             5/5
Dave Reindal                      5/6
Parker Hemmingsen         5/10
Mason Wangen                 5/12
Sam Reindal                     5/13
Karina Erickson                 5/14
Candy Sorensen               5/14
Danika Diekmann             5/15
Max Sorensen                   5/16


 Dear Members and Friends,

           The very nature of life is change.   Our planet itself wobbles through the change of seasons.   Even when they are slow in coming, we know that springs and summers will finally warm the earth from its winter sleep, and green and blossoms will return.   Children grow and change, learn and launch into new lives, becoming adults and moving on into new adventures.   All these changes are very much on display and in our hearts and minds at this time of year.   Graduations, confirmations, and the wonders of spring converge in this Easter season.

Easter, if it is nothing else, is change.  Dramatic change.   Darkness turns to light; death becomes life; disappointment, betrayal and denial turn to belief, discipleship and faith.  

Easter is more than one Sunday.  It is even more than a particular season of the church year.   Easter is a way of engaging life.  It is a way of facing the world God has made and greeting it with hope and trust.   Easter is a way of facing death, failure and broken promises and seeing God’s mighty and loving hand at work.  

Every Sunday is Easter.  Indeed, every day is Easter.  Every day is an opportunity for God’s grace to break through our tombs and bring forth life.   Easter living helps us face change, both welcome and unwelcome change, with the confidence that God can take our best and make it shine.  God can even take our worst and turn it to triumph.   

Yours in peace,    Pastor Schlauderaff