Redeemer Lutheran Church

KyAnna Besser                 12/1
Alex Burris                       12/1
Steve Schmidt                 12/2
Bob Newman                   12/3
Jon Duncan                     12/5
Tim Williams                    12/5
Scott Hemmingsen           2/8
Thelma Niebuhr               12/8
Missy Rasmussen           12/8
Lori Meyer                       12/9
Alicia Schewe                  12/9
Jeff Larson                      12/10
Sierra Babcock               12/11
Chuck Schroeder            12/11
Paul Weigel                    12/11
Colleen Jahnke              12/12
Everett Stadheim           12/13 

Jenny Jensen                  12/21
Dustin Gilbert                  12/22
Jordan Hallman              12/23
Owen Gooden                12/24
Brian Jacobs                   12/24
Bob Hansen                    12/25
Alyvia Newman              12/27
Steve Newman               12/28
Bob Usselman                12/28
Kaylee Wachlin              12/28
Betsy Bakken                 12/29
Rachel Bakken               12/29
Emma Kleinschrodt        12/29
Dave Sime                      12/29
Julie Diekmann               12/30
Kelly Honstad                 12/30
Bill Hintz                          12/31
Betty Steele                    12/31

December Birthdays

Rylin Troska                  12/13
Dylan Bakkedahl            12/14
Brinley Jacobs                12/14
Alicia Roberts                 12/14
Caroline Theobald          12/14
Bob Bryson                     12/15
Sindi Fulton                    12/16
Leo Pedersen                 12/16
Ross Skov                      12/16
Ron Wilder                      12/16
Brooke Soost                  12/16
Haley Johnson                12/17
Paulette Rasmussen       12/17
Landon Mattson              12/18
Christina Hansen            12/19
Aidan Cummings            12/20
Jerry Jahnke                  12/20
Merv Boettcher               12/21


                                                          “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.”  John 1:5


 Dear Members and Friends,

If you are in a room that is brightly lit and you open a door into the dark room, it is the light that will overcome the darkness. The light from the bright room will pour into the dark room; the darkness cannot and does not pour from the dark room into the light.

This is a fact in our world, and yet we can take it for granted. We may take for granted that light will lead and allow us to follow. We need not be afraid of the dark coming after us or breaking into our light. We open doors from one room to the next, find our way, switch on a light and find our way.

We can have the same confidence in a life of faith. In this dark time of the year we celebrate the Light of the World which came to us in Bethlehem. Guided by hope, the shepherds found their way to the manger. Guided by a star, the wise men discovered the promised fulfilled.

Whatever darkness we face (doubt, sorrow, grief, anger, addiction, abuse), the light of Christ will accompany us and push back the darkness. The promise of Christmas is that God’s light and love is stronger than any evil, brighter than any weakness. Come, join us and celebration this light and hope.

 Yours in  the journey,

   Pastor Schlauderaff