March Birthdays

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Griffin Troska                     3/14
Lynn Mulso                        3/15
Jade Huper                        3/16
Mark Gilbert                       3/17
Al Schmidt                         3/18
John Rasmussen              3/19
Brook Troska                     3/19
Linda Barron                      3/20
Jackson Besser                 3/20
Mark Newman                   3/20
Radley Miller                      3/21
Isabelle Bakken                 3/23
Brian Gaard                       3/23
Elaine Jahnke                   3/25
Rick Jorgenson                 3/25 

Jerry Reyerson                   3/25
Jesse Korman                     3/26
Shannon Petersen              3/26
Dugan Soost                       3/27
Ross Hemmingsen             3/28
James Sorensen                 3/28
Dalton Bradley                    3/29
Kate Bradley                       3/29
Darcy Sime                         3/29
Marjean Jacobs                  3/30
Shannan Nelson                 3/30
Marie Petersen                   3/30
Jeanine Wills                       3/30
Bob Mathiason                    3/31

Ron Jahnke                        3/1
Gloria Jorgenson                3/2
Jayne Linn                          3/2
Jane Bute                           3/5
Phyllis Martinson                3/5
Michael Reyerson              3/5
Ruthann Gaard                  3/6
Shirley Newman                 3/6
Levi Sorensen                    3/6
Chrissy Reindal                  3/9
Paisley Foley                     3/10
Colton Williams                 3/10
Isaac Sorensen                 3/11
Grace Erickson                 3/13
Glen Mathiason                3/14

                                               Dear members and friends, 

                                                As we enter Lent we focus on repentance and spiritual practices that help us draw closer to                                                       God.   Some people will practice some sort of fasting.   This might be forgoing a certain food                                                     item (meat, chocolate, desserts) or it could mean fasting from T.V. or electronic media.                                                               Perhaps you take on a new practice of prayer, exercise or extra giving.

At Redeemer you will notice some changes in worship.   We will move to a different liturgy to open our worship.  Hymns will tend to be in a minor key and a bit more somber.   In addition, we will be making to shift to using the translation of the Apostles’ Creed in our “new” hymnal.   When this hymnal came out ten years ago, the decision had been made to use the official English language version of the Creed.  (There is such a thing.)  In truth, it goes back to being closer to the version used in the OLD red hymnal before the green hymnal.

Nothing upsets people more than changes in worship!!!!   And yet, it we do not make changes along the way, we can get stuck in patterns that not longer speak to our world.   The Coptic church in Ethiopia kept with an ancient language that no one speaks anymore.  Like the Roman Catholic church that stuck with latin for hundreds years, few people in the pew understood what was being said.   It was not until the Second Vatican Council in the late 1950’s that Rome allowed Catholics to worship in the language of the people.   The Copts in Ethiopia are still using a language that is virtually incomprehensible to its worshippers.

 Language, music styles and worship patterns are all fleeting and replaceable.   What remains constant is God’s Word and our desire to draw near to that Word.   The story of Lent, our Lord’s passion, sacrifice and resurrection are the central message of our faith.   May this Lent be a time not just for change, but for thoughtful renewal and recommitment.

Yours in peace,
Pastor Schlauderaff