Craig Williams                    5/24
Derek Fischer                     5/25
Renae Linn                         5/25
Stacy Williams                    5/25
Bill Wittmer                         5/25
Charlotte Banton                5/26
Hanna Wach                       5/26
Sheila Burris                       5/29
Wade Steene                      5/29
Kane Purdy                         5/30
Lisa Clark                           5/31
Sue Reindal                        5/31

May Birthdays

Redeemer Lutheran Church

​​​​                                                             Many people who come to worship, especially to a liturgical church like we are in the                                                         Lutheran world, often wonder why we do what we do and what all the parts of the                                                             service  mean.  We began in January with the first “Worship Window,” namely                                                                 “Confession & Absolution,” to help us understand these things.  Our “Worship Window” for                                                 February was “Hymns and Music.”  March was: “Kyrie.”  April covered the “readings and                                                    sermon.”  This month I would like to discuss the creed.  “Living together is trust and hope, we confess our faith…”  These are the words that are used to introduce the Apostle’s Creed during a funeral.  I use them often because that phrase says a lot about what we do when we say a creed.  First, we say creeds together.  We can say them as individuals, but they are also one of the things that binds us together as a group of believers.  We confess the same faith.  Secondly, we say these words in trust and hope.  This reminds us that we don’t have all the answers.  We might not understand every word that we say-although, we can ask questions and learn more about the things we don’t understand.  Speaking in trust and in hope also means that even on days when we aren’t sure we can believe every word of the creed, we speak it trusting that God is present with us and hoping that these words are true and will again take root in our hearts.  Some have said that we shouldn’t confess our faith.  We should profess our faith; speak it out.  There is truth to this.  We should profess what we believe, but when we gather we talk about confessing our faith.  Confess means to let out what is inside.  We confess our sins to get them out.  We confess our faith so that our faith doesn’t stay inside of us but also moves out into the world.  The Lutheran Church, along with the Roman Catholic Church and many other Protestant churches, acknowledge three historic creeds of the church.  At Redeemer, we say both the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed regularly.  The third creed is the Athanasian Creed.  It is often used on Holy Trinity Sunday because of its emphasis on the Trinity.  So, as we live together in trust and hope, let us confess our faith. 


Angie Geesman                 5/1
Kaden Erkkila                    5/2
Mavis Jacobs                     5/3
Samantha Knutson            5/5
Dave Reindal                     5/6
Parker Hemmingsen         5/10
Mason Wangen                 5/12
Sam Reindal                     5/13
Karina Erickson                 5/14
Candy Sorensen               5/14
Danika Diekmann              5/15
Al Besser                          5/18 

May Altar Guild

Cheryl Newman

​Steph Soost

Amy Wachlin                       5/19
Griffin Erkkila                       5/20
Heather Haukoos                5/20
Jerry Janzig                         5/20
Lenny Diekmann                 5/21
Dillan Lein                           5/21
Leah Kluender                     5/22
Rose Lein                            5/22
Eleanor Pedersen                5/22
Mike Bute                             5/24
Tyler Erickson                      5/24
Kevin Opseth                       5/24

May Acolytes
13 :Kane Purdy & Tyler Erickson

20:  Sierra Babcock & Maggie Evans

​27:  Taybor Conely & Ross Huper

May Lectors

13: Radley Miller

20: Karen Erickson

​27:  Jon Jahnke

May Ushers

Troy Newman

Carter Newman

Mark Newman