Megan Burris                  9/2
Ron Jensen                    9/2
Lucy Miller                      9/2
Christopher Steene         9/2
Shawn Linn                     9/4
Val Jensen                      9/5
Joel Knutson                   9/5
Linda Korman                 9/5
Kelly Skov                       9/5
Barb Carlson                   9/6
Cody Korman                  9/6
Amy Newman                 9/6
Lorraine Reim                 9/7

Kaleb Bendickson         9/21
Ashley Newman            9/22
Courtney Bakkedahl      9/23
Colleen Nelson              9/23
Greg Opseth                  9/25
Barb Bakken                  9/26
Bob Dolton                     9/26
Toby Soost                     9/26
Joel Duncan                   9/27
Janelle Bush                   9/28
Jane Haukoos                 9/28
Joshuah Sousa               9/29

September Acolytes:
2: Emma Kleinschrodt & Madison Hendrickson
9:  Kyle Honstad & Nicholas Korman
16: Carson Kluender & Landon Mattson
23: Ella Riebe & Ashley Newman
30: Brook Soost & Will Jacobs

September Lectors
2:  John E. Barron
9:  Anne Jahnke
16: Ruthann Gaard
23: Kevin Opseth
30: Jon Jahnke

September Birthdays

Krista Mathiason             9/8
Ebenezer Howe III          9/9
Halane Besser                9/11
Ross Miller                      9/11
Megan Miller                   9/13
Zack Roberts                  9/13
Corey Cummings            9/14
Logan Honstad                9/15
Dave Rasmussen            9/16
Eli Hallman                      9/17
Lori Miller                         9/17
Gina Haukoos                  9/18
Jared Besser                    9/20

                                                                       Dear Members and Friends,

                                               New beginnings – they are both exciting and stressful.   At the start of a new school year                                                  students can be excited about seeing some school friends they have not seen all                                                              summer.   They may look forward to a new teacher and new classes.   And they may also                                                  be somewhat anxious.   (I can still remember the nightmare I had the night before I start junior high school!)   Perhaps last year a student had his/her favorite teacher EVER and is convinced no teacher will ever again be that much fun.

Redeemer Lutheran is embarking on a new beginning as well.   This time of interim, this time of change is often unsettling.   Few of us enjoy change, and yet this can also be an opportunity to stop, listen and consider new directions.

I am honored and thrilled to be joining you in this process.   My travels through the ministry have taken me to large and small congregations, rural, urban and small towns.  I’ve served as an associate, solo, senior and co – pastor.   In every setting what I most enjoy is hearing member’s life stories and sharing the connections we have with God’s saving story for each of us.   With you, I trust that God’s Holy Spirit will guide us and continue to work through us in Alden.

I plan to bring a quilting project to work on and my cross – country skis in case we have some good snow this winter.   Those activities help me keep my life balanced.

My husband Larry Lindmark is a retired ELCA pastor.  He will continue to live in our home in Red Wing, but you will see him occasionally.   He will be happy to talk about baseball with anyone.

                                                                                       With you on the journey,

                                                                                                        Pastor Kristen Schlauderaff

September Altar Guild

Shannan Nelson

Redeemer Lutheran Church

September Ushers

Chuck Erickson

Dan Erickson