Kacey Johnson          7/18
Michelle Petersen      7/18
Sheila Riebe              7/18
Luke Gooden             7/19
Don Hansen              7/19
Tonya Hansen           7/19
Jim Huper                 7/19
Wayne Jacobs          7/19
Marnie Howe             7/21
Ruthie Pedersen       7/21
Albert Allen                7/22
Dale Armstrong         7/23
Olin Christensen        7/25
Gary Geesman          7/27
Chad Bendickson      7/28
Tommy Geesman      7/28
Rita Korman              7/29
Carol Marth                7/30
Pastor Greg Ofsdahl   7/30
Derek Peterson          7/30 




Nicholas Korman             6/14
Tyler Mithun                     6/14
Brenna VanEngelenburg 6/15
Patricia Jensen                6/18
Carolyn Martinson           6/18
Jake Jahnke                   6/20  Brittany Sousa                6/20 
Suzanne Williams           6/21
Luther Langrud              6/22
Myrna Sorensen            6/22
Jon Behle                       6/23
Matt Holm                      6/23
Gloria Johnson               6/24
Autumn Soost                6/26
Darlene Sorensen          6/26
Amber Jacobs                6/27
Cindy Mathiason            6/27
Dick Borge                     6/28
Karley Guenther             6/28
Josh Jacobs                  6/28
Carter Newman             6/28
Rhonda Linn                  6/29

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Billy Geesman           7/2
Jenny Erickson         7/3
Katie Hallman           7/3
Anika Hansen           7/3
Roberta Schroeder   7/3
Bob Lindeman          7/7
Scott Martinson         7/7
Ross Martinson         7/9
Sheila Steinberg       7/9
Glenda Weigel          7/9
Karen Erickson        7/10
Steve Williams        7/11
Charlotte Clark        7/13
Karina Skov             7/13
Jason Hemmingsen 7/14
Kyle Honstad          7/14
Evelyn Petersen      7/14
Gary Newman         7/15
 Logan Williams      7/15
Conner Miller          7/17
Dawn Armstrong     7/18
Peyton Harpham    7/18

Dean Bendickson           6/1
Christina Wach               6/1
Beth Wilder                     6/1
Evon Johnson                 6/2
Cindy Larson                   6/2
Marlene Seipp                 6/2
Lucas VanEngelenburg   6/2
Landen Purdy                  6/4
Ardis Mathiason              6/6
Ella Riebe                       6/6
Leo Semple                    6/7
Daniel Luna                    6/8
Sandy Duncan                6/9
Macy Williams                6/9
Andrew Cummings       6/10
Briggs Jacobs               6/10
Cheryl Newman            6/10
Bryce Banton                6/12
Reece Soost                 6/12
Dave Mulso                  6/13
Sheri Opseth                6/13
Janice Bolinger            6/14


                                                                 Dear Members and Friends,

Trinity Sunday comes along in June this year.    Most Holy Days remember an event in the life of Jesus.   This is the only occasion when we lift up a church teaching.    We reflect on this complicated idea that we worship one God, but we speak of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.   We look to our creeds to say more about that mystery of God as Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.    The Creation story in the first chapter of Genesis is usually read.  

Einstein once remarked that “the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.”   The world can be understood by way of order and reason.   The universe discloses itself by mathematics and physical theorems.   What at first is beyond our understanding and seems random or arbitrary eventually becomes clear.    As we explore the world around us through science and theory we engage our Creator and learn the marvelous wonders of this gift that has been entrusted to us.  

When I was in college, I was able to hear George Wald speak.   He was a Nobel Prize winning scientist who taught biology at Harvard.   He would give a 45 minute lecture on some intricate detail of biology in plant or animal.   Then, for 15 minutes he reflected about what this taught him about God, our Creator.    It was thrilling to hear this brilliant scientist open up a whole new understand of how to think about Creation and our place in it.   

As we watch our world turn green with new life, may the wonders and mysteries of creation draw us to awe and praise of the One who still creates and blesses us every day.

Yours on the journey,

Pastor Schlauderaff