Tammy Newman           2/17
Cassie Wasmoen         2/17
Amanda Miller               2/19
Gen Walker                   2/20
Jenny Hendrickson       2/23
Samantha Armstrong    2/24
Kaetlin Bendickson       2/27
Bryn Nelson                  2/27
Noah Nelson                 2/27
Dan Reindal                  2/27
Ross Huper                   2/28

February Ushers

Gary Geesman

 Scott Hemmingsen
 Ross Skov 

February Altar Guild

Colleen Jahnke

​Lori Miller

February Acolytes
4:    Brook Soost & Tyler Erickson
11:  Alexis VanEngelenburg & Maggie Evans
18:  Samantha Armstrong & Ross Huper
25:  Kane Purdy & Will Jacobs

February Lectors

4: Josh Sorensen
11: Linda Wasmoen
18: Norm Larson
25: Glen Mathiason 

February Birthdays

Carol Linde                   2/12
Linda Wasmoen            2/13
Madison Hendrickson    2/13
Sam Hallman                2/14
Danny Opseth               2/14
Ava Diekmann               2/15
Evan Guenther              2/15
Lori Janzig                     2/15
Maggie Evans               2/16
Emily Hassing              2/16

​​​​                                                    Many people who come to worship, especially to a liturgical church like we are in the                                                        Lutheran world, often wonder why we do what we do and what all the parts of the service                                                  mean.  We began last month with the first “Worship Window,” namely Confession &                                                       Absolution, to help us understand these things.  Our “Worship Window” for this month is: “Hymns and Music.”
The Lutheran Church has always been a singing church.  Tradition has it that Martin Luther wrote some of his hymns and liturgies by using the melodies that he learned down at the local pub!  In the United States, Lutherans have been known for the ability and love of hymn singing and of four part harmonies.  Music, both vocal and instrumental, continues to be a large part of worship in most Christian traditions.  This pleases some of us more than others!  Most of us, whether or not we consider ourselves to be musicians or even music lovers, have a favorite hymn.  It’s one thing that brings a smile to our faces or that holds special memories.  Hymns within worship have two main purposes.  The first purpose is to praise God.  Music enables a congregation to give voice to our prayer and praise in a way that speaking just cannot capture.  The second purpose is to teach the faith.  I have learned many things over the years by setting things to music:  the books of the Bible, the articles of the creed, the Augsburg Confession and that Jesus Loves Me This I Know! just to name a few.  Many of our hymns proclaim clearly what it is that God is about in the world and what Jesus has done for us.  Now, a word about a sticky subject.  New music!  Some people love to learn new music.  Others would prefer to stick with what is already familiar.  Some people enjoy many different hymns and even different styles of music.  Others have a small number of hymns that they enjoy and wish the others would just go away!  The goal in worship is to sing the best of what is both old and new.  There are many hymns which have sustained the church throughout the centuries.  We want to continue to treasure them and teach them to our children.  There is also new music which speaks the language of our children and young people.  We want them to hear and sing words that are meaningful to them.  There is always give and take.  That’s part of what it is to be a community of faith; especially one which sings.  One final note:  From my vantage point I have the privilege of looking at all of you wonderful people as we worship together.  One thing I have noticed over the years is that some sing and some do not.  That is fine, but some don’t even crack a hymnal!  We should at least open the hymnal and follow along with the words!  The hymns were specifically chosen for a reason! 

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!  Psalm 100 

Tanya Hemmingsen        2/1
Ana Guenther                 2/3
Steve Haukoos               2/3
Bryan Boeck                   2/5
Rylie Burris                     2/5
Maverick Babcock          2/6
Sam Jacobs                   2/8
Trevor Kluender              2/9
John Barron                   2/10
Kayden Becker              2/10

Redeemer Lutheran Church