Phyllis Jensen                 11/19
Blake Steinberg               11/19
Bennett Meyer                 11/20
Sara Reindal                    11/20
Sandra Bendickson          11/21
Tim Korman                     11/22
Norm Larson                    11/22
Andrew Jacobs                11/25
Lacy Petersen                  11/25
Mary Reyerson                 11/26
Alexis VanEngelenburg    11/27
Candy Pierce                   11/28
Barb Christensen             11/30

November Ushers

Greg Hitchcock

Glen Mathiason

​Carl Rasmussen

November Altar Guild

LaVonne Newman 

Terri Huper

November Acolytes
5:Alexis VanEngelenburg & Andrew Cummings

12: Kane Purdy & Tyler Erickson

19: Caleb Sorensen & Maggie Evans

22: Sierra Babcock & Ross Huper

26: Taybor Conley & Will Jacobs

November Lectors

5: Linda Wasmoen

12: Radley Miller

19: Norm Larson 

22: Confirmation Kids

26: Karen Erickson

November Birthdays

Steph Newman                 11/8
Jennifer Steene                11/8
Curt Guenther                  11/11
Paul Meyer                      11/11
Elizabeth Troska              11/11
Eunice Newman              11/12
Natalie Schmidt               11/12
Kendal Soost                   11/14
Elynn Johnson                 11/17
Dean Sorensen                11/17
Mikayla Wasmoen            11/17
Joshua Sorensen             11/18

​​​​                                                    What do you think of when you think of the term “saint?”  Do you think of some famous                                                 name from history in the church?  Do you think of someone special who is always doing                                                  something for someone else?  Do you think of yourself?  What does it take to be included in                                             the list of “saints?”  Does one have to be perfect? gifted? virtuous? dead?  Whenever there is discussion in the world concerning “saints,” it usually centers around a joke; a tongue in cheek comment about being good, or when it is a more serious conversation it usually leads to extraordinary people; people who have lived lives of faith.  Perhaps it is easier, in the more serious times, to reserve the word “saint” for those who have already died since it is only after death that any of us can know the whole story.  However, to only include the dead in the list of “saints” leaves the humanness out of it.  We always need to remember that the love of God through Christ Jesus is for everyone.  Therefore the list of “saints” includes murderers as well as martyrs, the cowardly as well as the courageous, the proud and the meek, the impatient and the calm and even the just plain bazaar!  We don’t make ourselves “saints.”  This is the work of God.  The word “saint” always refers to believers who have been made holy through the gift of the Spirit.  Please notice the word “gift!!”  Sainthood is not ours for the earning; it is God’s for the giving.  We are made “saints” in our baptisms when we are washed in the waters and become God’s children for all time.  So, as “saints,” it’s all about our response to this love, mercy, grace, GIFT from God.  We live out our sainthood in our daily lives.  God calls us to do his work in all times and in all places.  During worship on Sunday, November 5th we celebrate “All Saint’s Sunday.”  Please join us on this special day as honor sainthood and what it truly means to be a follower of Christ as well as those who have been baptized or died since last All Saint’s Day. 

Miles Kleinschrodt              11/1
Dan Kluender                     11/1
Delores Bryson                  11/2
Beth Gilbert                        11/2
Dianne Kleinschrodt           11/3
Steve Sorensen                  11/3
Brayden Kluender              11/4
Donna Schmidt                  11/5
Mike Lein                           11/6

Dolly Lindeman                  11/6
Ann Purdy                         11/6
Kinley Besser                    11/7

Redeemer Lutheran Church