Mike Honstad                    1/3
Jeremy Besser                  1/4
Neil Pierce                         1/5
Chuck Erickson                 1/6
Adam Skov                        1/8
Scott Jahnke                     1/9
Samantha Lein                  1/9
Rosie Rasmussen             1/9

Troy Newman                 1/24
Brexton Sousa                1/24
JoAnn Behle                    1/25
Alex Jacobs                     1/28
Matt Jensen                     1/29
Kylie Korman                   1/29
Evie Nelson                     1/29
Jessie Bolinger                1/30
Darcy Newman                1/31

January Birthdays

Callen Peterson                1/11
David Linn                         1/11
Carrie Hintz                       1/13
Liberty Overland                1/15
Alison Newman                 1/16
Verliss Wittmer                  1/19
Amy Newman                    1/21
Brady Gooden                   1/22 

​Matt Hallman                     1/23




 Dear Members and Friends,

Happy New Year!!   Things are stirring up, and that is a good thing!   The call committee met twice in the month of December.   First, we met with Pastor Susan Miller, assistant to Bishop Delzer, to get oriented to our task.   The next week we met to organize our work  and move forward as we seek a new pastor.
In this busy time of year, the call committee did not want to wait until January.   They wanted to meet right away to get this process moving.   I am excited to see the energy, ideas and commitment already expressed by this committee.   We will keep you up to date as we move forward.
The Committee members want to listen to you.   We need to create a document that describes who we are as a congregation.   What are our dreams?   What are our priorities?   What is our mission?  
Keep the call committee and our congregation in your prayers.   This is a time of discernment and decision.    We want every member to be a part of this important time.  
The season of Epiphany, the season of light when the wise men found their way to the infant Jesus is a perfect time for us to explore our own vision.   Keep your eyes and ears open to the moving of God’s powerful and gracious Spirit.   Keep your hearts open to the moving of God’s inspiring word.   Join us as we explore our mission and God’s will for us in the coming years. 

Yours in the journey,
Pastor Schlauderaff  

Redeemer Lutheran Church