September Ushers

Dean & Myrna Sorensen 

September Altar Guild

Ginner Boettcher

Rose Lein

September Lectors

3:  Linda Wasmoen
10:  Norm Larson
17:  Roger Pestorious 
24:  Rachel guenther

September Birthdays


The whole being of any Christian is faith and love. Faith brings the person to God, love brings the person to people.

--Martin Luther

As we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we think of worship as a time to observe, celebrate, commemorate and reconcile.  Although the reformation was an event in history, we need to remember that we are a church that is not "reformed," but a church that is constantly "reforming."  As Lutherans, we must always remember that we do not hold a monopoly on every answer within the Christian faith.  We are a church that is part of a much larger body--namely the body of Christ!  As a church constantly reforming, we must understand that reformation is a journey, not a destination.  Our ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton has said,  "We are not called to be the church of the past nor the church of some distant future, but to be the church right now."  God uses his church (we his people) to spread his message of love, hope, salvation, justice and service to all people.  We are not a perfect people; we are a redeemed people.  As such, we can live lives with great joy and hope!  We live this way through Jesus Christ as we serve others in his great name.  Please join us this fall as we observe the 500th anniversary in worship, music, praise, repentance, thanksgiving and Bible study.

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Jared Besser                9/20
Kaleb Bendickson         9/21
Ashley Newman            9/22
Courtney Bakkedahl      9/23
Colleen Nelson              9/23
Greg Opseth                  9/25
Barb Bakken                  9/26
Roger Christensen         9/26
Bob Dolton                     9/26
Toby Soost                     9/26
Joel Duncan                   9/27
Janelle Bush                  9/28
Jane Haukoos                9/28

September Acolytes
3:   Caleb Sorensen  & Rylie Burris
10:  Sierra Babcock & Kane Purdy
17:   Taybor Conley & Tyler Erickson
24:    Griffin Erkkila & Maggie Evans 

Krista Mathiason             9/8
Ebenezer Howe III          9/9
Lucas Kleinschrodt         9/9
Halane Besser                9/11
Ross Miller                     9/11
Megan Miller                  9/13
Zack Roberts                 9/13
Corey Cummings           9/14
Logan Honstad              9/15
Dave Rasmussen          9/16
Eli Hallman                    9/17
Lori Miller                       9/17
Gina Haukoos                9/18

Megan Burris                   9/2
Ron Jensen                     9/2
Lucy Miller                       9/2
Christopher Steene         9/2
Shawn Linn                     9/4
Val Jensen                       9/5
Joel Knutson                    9/5
Linda Korman                  9/5
Kelly Skov                        9/5
Barb Carlson                    9/6
Cody Korman                   9/6
Amy Newman                  9/6
Lorraine Reim                  9/7